Yuzu aka Milena Georgieva is Sofia-born, Vienna-based DJ, composer and artist. Her approach towards music is unorthodox,  following the lead of personal obsessions and curiosity. In her compositions she is working with synthesized auralities, concrete textures, and a weave of field recordings and samples, that trace virtual and actual soundscapes. Personal happy/horror stories and intimate fears, glued together by pleasures and desires are irregularly penetrated by algoraving beats further shaping these mutant bodies of sound into an angelic beast.

Likewise her DJ-sets transgress genre boundaries forming far out and uanticipated narratives. Complex sound gestalts emerge through non-conform and offbeat mixing strategies. She plays with building up and releasing tension, while oscillating between airy and dense textures, hi and lo tempo and so leading through unexpected flows of happy, dark, ecstatic, hard, concrete, and defragmented, clear and distorted. Raging beasts dissolve into ambience, hymnic angels arise to usher in flames of noise, spanked out by acidic beats.

Yuzu has been witnessed in Vienna, Berlin, London, Sofia, Linz, Innsbruck as well as at Wiener Festwochen, ImpulsTanz, Elevate Festival, Unsafe + Sounds Festival, Velak Gala, Kulturtankstelle Linz, WAF Gallery, New new World Radio, Berlin Community Radio and FLUCA among others.

Upcoming 2023:

JUN/03 live w/ Tarek Atoui + dj set | Wiener Festwochen | das WERK, Vienna
JUN/10 Dj-set | BABU Bar, Vienna
JUN/10 Dj-set | S+I w/ Animistic Beliefs, Authentically Plastic, Jung An Tagen, Augsburger Messer, Forever Traxx | Rhiz, Vienna
JUL/1 live | Sonic Territories | Seestadt, Vienna
JUL/16 Symposion Lindabrunn w/ @pandora_xx
JUL/26 Dj-set | BLOB | PRST, Vienna
JUL/28 Dj-Set | BABU BAr, Vienna
AUG/1 Dj-set | Impulstanz, Vienna
SEP/17 dj-set | Wienwoche, Vienna
SEP/29 live | Unsafe + Sounds, Vienna
SEP/30 dj-set | Inverse Flow | celeste, Vienna
NOV/4 dj-set | music unlimited festival | Wels
NOV/15 live | Parken | das LOT, Vienna
NOV/25 dj-set | celeste, Vienna


MAI/18 dj-set | sch:cht | das WERK, Vienna
MAI/17 dj-set + live sound | SACRIFICE by Leon Höllhumer | efes42, Linz
APR/30 dj-set | DONAUFESTIVAL | Krems an der Donau
APR/22 Yuzu's_bubble, w/ @mkisling @gischtgischt @haskii maxipanic | celeste, Vienna
APR/13-15 Live | CAULIFLOWER | Semperdepot, Vienna
APR/6-7 Live | Sonic Territories Extended | Rhiz, Vienna
APR/2 dj-set | STREAM CLUB | stwst, Linz
MAR/19 Live | Kopfweh Kein Wunder! | p.m.k. , Innsbruck
(cancelled)DEZ/17-18 Strange Is The Loop, performance | Vienna
(postponed)DEZ/2-3 Liebe Hilde…Deine Zoe! | Vienna
OKT/29 @pandora_xx, performance | celeste, Vienna
OKT/19 @pandora_xx, performance | BLOB together / PRST, Vienna

SEP/11 Wiener Festwochen: MITTEN am Abend | Brut Nord, Vienna
SEP/4 Total: Musik Sommerfest | celeste, Vienna
AUG/28 Unsafe+Sounds | Vienna
JUL/15 Oceanic Feeling | czirpczirp.cc(online)
JUL/9 UNTITLED | celeste, Vienna
JUL/3 GANG | Bestand, Vienna
JUN/26 s c h w e b e n | rhiz, Vienna
MAI/ @ Causer by Ingrid Cogne (online)| Michaela Stock Gallery, Vienna
FEB/20 @ Mixed Feelings by Leon Höllhummer | WAF Gallery Vienna


JUL/23 Notgalerie | Vienna
SEP/25 M i n i n g : Filmhaus | Vienna

11/14 JESHK - Festival für experimentelle Musik | WUK, Vienna
10/18 Live @ Kopfweh. Kein Wunder. | p.m.k. Innsbruck
08/08 Impulstanz | Burgtheater, Vienna
08/04 FCCCing Impulstanz The Musical | Impulstanz Workshop Arsenal, Vienna
06/27 Live @ Velak Gala | Fluc, Vienna
06/15 Festwochen Closing Party w/ Bamba Pana & Makaveli, @covco, @dj-nervoso, @inoukiendo | Gösserhallen, Vienna
04/12 :membrane: | AU, Vienna
03/30 Open Rehearsal & DJ Set: Ausländer / Kjos / Yuzu | AU, Vienna
03/22 The Real White Rabit | Vienna
03/21 Permanent Red | Celeste, Vienna
03/07 Vitalism w/ @bergsonist, @evitceles, MV (aka @d-nye), koolcillah (@czirp-czirp) | Grillx, Vienna
02/05 @deadmallradio
01/26 24h Techno | Rundgang, IKL, Akademie der bildende Künste, Vienna

12/17 A Life In Waves + Yuzu (live) | Фабрика Автономия, Sofia
11/23 Sticks & Stones | Elektro Gönner, Vienna
11/16 Sebism I AU, Vienna
10/20 The Real White Rabit | Vienna
10/13 Sebism | AU, Vienna
10/6 Donautechno | Vienna
7/14 FLUCA I Sofia
7/7 Tontauben Festival | Böllerbauer, Haag, AT
6/14 Club Radiokoje | Kongreßbad, Vienna
4/21 @ Treibstoff

12/13 Live ft. Olkirikirei @ Baustellenbeschallung I SSTR6, Vienna
7/27 Popfest I Roxy, Vienna
7/1 Ashida Park III I celeste, Vienna
5/11 Clinic @ 2 years Ventil Records I fluc, Vienna
3/8 Clinic + Michael Lahner I Baustellenbeschallung, SSTR 6, Vienna
3/3 :membrane: I AU, Vienna
2/23 Beyond Clinic I repeat, Berlin
2/14 Clinic @ Berlin Community Radio 6-7pm

12/2 Clinic w/ Bonaventure . Wien Diesel . h_ri . Grrrr I EKH, Vienna
11/4 Clinic w/ Manara ≁ Yanling I Roxy, Vienna
07/22 If raw gets gentle w/ Misonica I Elektrogönner, Vienna
06/03 Clinic w/ Assquakess . Grrrr . Tuk1 . dnye . a+b I dasWERK, Vienna