*1989 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Currently living and working in Vienna. she/they.

Milena Georgieva is a composer, transdisciplinary artist and performer. They graduated MA Landscape Design, University of Applied Arts, Vienna and BA Art and Education, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Their work focuses on speculative world-making and weaving sophisticated networks of meanings, which sprout out of deep research in sound, landscape theory, queer-feminism, education and body + identity politics. They investigate space as a construct – physical, virtual, public and intimate. By exploring the processes that shape and induce these constructs from a critical and personal perspective, they synthesizes a self-specific narrative.

In their compositions and live performances they transgress genre boundaries and orthodox music blending to create complex and multidimensional bodies of sound. Modular and digital sound design, psychoacoustics, experimental/extended recording, instrumental and vocal techniques are currently their primary sonic tools. They perform also under the moniker Yuzu.

Shows at Technical Museum Vienna, Kunsthalle Vienna, Donaufestival, Wiener Festwochen, ImpulsTanz, Elevate Festival, Unsafe + Sounds, Goethe-Institute Bulgaria, Sofia City Art Gallery, among others. Composition grants by the City of Vienna (2022/23) and nomination for the BAZA contemporary art prize (2019).

Collaborations with Tarek Atoui, Jeremy Wade & Nina Mühlemann & Tanja Erhart, Tony Heywood + Alison Condie, Magdalena Forster, Leon Höllhumer, Lazar Lyutakov, Claire Tolan, Ingrid Cogne, Alberto Franceschini, Johanna Figl, TE-R [Louise Linsenbolz + Thomas Wagensommerer].

Milena is also:
+ an active member of CZIRP CZIRP as well - a collective supporting, producing and communi- cating experimental music, sound and digital art through nomadic cultural and ephemeral events.
+ former member of VELAK – a non-profit organisation and platform for artists who work in fields of experimental music and sound/art.
+ co-founder of CLINIC, a former platform and event format in Vienna, which challenged the hierarchical structures found within club culture and the experimental electronic music scene.
+ organizer of the event series SEBISM, a DIY home for contemporary experimental music performances, underground zeal and radical zest.



2015-2021/    /Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Art and Education
2009-14/    /University of Applied Arts Vienna, Landscapedesign / Site-specific Art, MA
2012/    / University of Applied Arts Vienna, Industrial Design 2, Prof. Fiona Raby
2007-08/    /National Academy of Arts Sofia, Poster and Visual Communication

Additional Professional Experience //

since 2016/     /curatorial work for music, new media art and performance events
2015-2016/    / Executive Producer at The Eel House Filmproductions, Vienna
2015-2016/    /designer at Idealice, office for landscape architecture, Vienna
2013/    /Internship @ Martha Schwartz Partners, office for landscape architecture London
since 2009/    /freelancing graphic designer

Grants, Awards and Nominations/

2022/ / Fellowship Composition, MA7 Vienna
2022/ /Residency at Symposion Lindabrunn
2021/ /Residency at “Arbeitsplatz” Vienna 2020/ /Project Grant, MA7 Vienna
2019/ / Nomination for BAZA Award for Contemporary Art, Bulgaria
2018/ /Residency at Kulturtankstelle Linz
2014/ / Merit-based grant, University of Applied Arts Vienna
2013/ / Winner of “THE PITCH! #7” ARTE Creative and Output, with the video “Breakthrough”
2012/ /Winner, YCC Contest with the video “Breakthrough”

Selected Projects, Exhibitions and Perfromances//

2022/       / TOWER OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS, interactive virtual sound sculpture for Kongreßbad Vienna, within MEDIA AND SOUND POOL by czirp czirp and The Artificial Museum

                / “Die Wilden Sind Wir”, performance and live sound as Pandora (w/ Harald Stojan) Symposium IV / Kunst & Ökologie, Lindabrunn

                / Liebe Hilde, deine Zoé, composition and live sound for performance and public space intervention, a project by Johanna Figl and Martina Rössler with students of the Integrativen Lernwerkstatt Brigittenau and elderly people from the Pensionist:innenklubs Leithastraße and Greiseneggerstraße. Brigittaplatz
                / Souffle Continu by Tarek Atoui, performer and musician, Wiener Festwochen
                / {PAN TR∀CT}, performance + live concert, w/ Magdalena Forster Leon Höllhumer, Performative Screenings #74, school, Vienna
                / CAULIFLOWER SOUNDFESTIVAL, acousmatic concert, VELAK + Vienna Acousmatik Project Semperdpot, Vienna

2021/       / ”Club Possession”, performance as  Pandora (w/ Harald Stojan), Celeste, Vienna
                / ”OFFSHORE HEIDI”, performance as  Pandora (w/ Harald Stojan),  BLOB together PRST, Vienna
                / ”What I can show I cannot say” I + II, installation and performance, BKI Haus Wittgenstein, Vienna
                /”T.E. honeymoon, immer am Laufen”, sound composition for video piece  by Elisabeth Falkinger, PARALLEL VIENNA
                /”DIGITAL.RELEASE”, composition and video, commissioned for Oceanic Feeling by czirpczirp.cc, animation by TE-R
                /”CICADA GAMES”, graphic design + art direction for site-specific AR + ASMR audio play app by Claire Tolan, commissioned by                                        czirpczirp.cc
                /”À manipuler with care” sound piece with Ingrid Cogne, Michaela Stock Gallery, Vienna
2020/      /”From Violence to Ambience”, sound installation, Goethe-Institut, Sofia
2019/      /“The Song About the Woman“/„We‘ve got something to talk about“, performance and installation, Sofia City Art Gallery
                /”F*Future” educational project, Kunsthalle Vienna
2018/      /“re:donau“, Kulturtankstelle, Linz
2017/      /“En Suite“, performance, Rosa Rauschen, Vienna
                /“tender trap“, installation, Take Festival Vienna
                /“Ich-Nicht-Ort“, performance, In der Kubatur des Kabinetts, Fluc Vienna
2016/      /“Dissonanz“, sound installation, SOHO in Ottakring
2014/      /”URBAN FLOWRA”, conceptual landscape design, diploma with honours, University of Applied Arts, Vienna
2013/      /”Picknick in The West”, happening, Zapaden Park Festival of art in public space, Sofia
2012/      /”Growing Responsibility” installation, “So close, so far - contemporary Bulgarian artists abroad”, National Palace of Culture, Sofia
2011/      /”Hosta Superstar”, installation, Botanical Garden, Vienna
2010/      /”Bärenstark”, installation, “Wunschmaschinen”, exhibition, Technisches Museum, Vienna

Selected Performances Yuzu //

2022/      / Wiener Festwochen, Vienna
                / Music Unlimited Festival, Wels
                / Unsafe + Sounds Festival, Vienna
                / Struma + Iodine, Rhiz, Vienna
                / Donaufestival, Krems
                / Sonic Territories, Seestadt, Vienna
                / STREAM Festival, Linz
                / K.W.K.W., p.m.k. Innsbruck

2021/      /Wiener Festwochen MITTEN
                /WAF Gallery Vienna with Leon Höllhummer
                /Unsafe+Sounds Festival, Vienna

2020/      /Elevate Festival, Graz
                /Notgalerie, Vienna

2019/      / JESHK - Festival für experimentelle Musik, WUK, Vienna
                / Impulstanz, Vienna
                / Velak Gala | Fluc, Vienna
                / Wiener Festwochen, Vienna
                / FLUCA, Sofia
                /Club Radiokoje, Vienna
                /Fabrika Avtonomia, Sofia
                /Tontauben Festival, NÖ
2017/      / Popfest Vienna
                / SSTR6
                / Berlin Community Radio

Selected Collaborations //

2021/    /Claire Tolan, Ingrid Cogne,TE-R [Louise Linsenbolz + Thomas Wagensommerer], Elisabeth Falkinger, Harald Stojan
2020/    / Live Sound and Performance in Alberto Franceschini’s piece ”Strange is the Loop”
                /Wiener Festwochen Reframed, commissioned co-curator (CZIRP CZIRP) for the public space performance of “Construction Choir Collective. A musical intervention in Meidling”.
2019/      /Jeremy Wade: Sound in „FCCCing Impulstanz The Musical“ Impulstanz, Vienna
2016/     /Lazar Lyutakov landscape design in the project “Rosae”, LPH Türnitz, Austria
                /August Schram and Bastian Wilpling for the short film „Ich Armer Mensch“
2011/    /Tony Heywood in “Hosta Superstar”, Botanical Garden Vienna

Publications //

/ Mario Terzic, Lu Yang:“Humus and Shoots”, 2014, p. 93
/ Lazar Lyutakov:„10 years and something - Baba Vasa‘s Cellar“, p.54-55
/ Landscape V02, Summer/Autumn 2012, p. 22
/ “So Close, So Far”, Ausstellungskatalog, 2011
/ “Wunschmaschinen”, Ausstellungskatalog, 2010, p. 24-25